Start the autumn / winter season with our current looks – casual wear for those special moments…

Modern Maritime

Strong, clear colours in a modern “Maritime Performance” look. Elaborate and lovingly designed silicone prints, digital prints and badges. For the sporty, modern man who loves the sea even in winter.

Vintage Wash

Inspired by flight adventures from past times, the Aviator collection stands for a bold, masculine, sporty look with muted autumn colours such as flannel, olive, ink blue, blueberry combined with strong orange and turquoise. Modern applications such as embroidery, badges on decorated sweats and shirts with prints are used for special details. Highlights are soft digital prints in combination with intense washings.

Winter Ski

The ski resort in northern Italy, Cortina d’Ampezzo inspires this collection theme. Typical winter ski colours such as ice blue, off-white and brown are combined with accent colours such as wine red and green to create a sporty look. The alpine styles come with elaborate badges, embroideries and digital prints as well as knitwear in a Norwegian look.