Your Brand

Your Style


KITARO means freedom. The freedom to decide who you are and what suits you best. And the freedom, above all, to rise above societal conventions and follow your own inner desires and dreams.

Impeccable style

KITARO means impeccable style. Our designs are trend-conscious and highlight your confident attitude, but our collections always have a reliably classic bent. Our customers are sporty, modern, and fashionable – we create styles that accompany you throughout your day and accentuate your personality: authentic and mature.

Your Life


KITARO means activity. Your style should match your interests: You love relaxed, laid-back evenings, but spending active time outdoors in the fresh air is also one of your favorite pastimes. Walking the dog or cruising past gorgeous landscapes on your motorcycle – you need these sorts of activities to balance out the stress of your job.

Quality of life

KITARO means quality of life. Whether it’s clothing, drinking and dining, or other aspects of your life – you believe in quality, and you value an excellent product. You draw a distinction between excessive luxury and the things in life that are truly worth spending a bit more on.

Your Brand

Carefully selected materials

KITARO means carefully selected materials. It’s important to us to offer clothing that not only fits well and looks good; we also believe in sustainability. And you care about more than just making sure your sweater isn’t scratchy; you also believe in fair trade and protecting our environment. We’ve been on the right track in this area for many years, and we are always working toward even better solutions.

Perfect fit

KITARO means a reliably good fit. Most stylish outfits only look as good as they do because they fit properly. A garment might be excellent quality, with a cool, modern design, but if the wearer chooses the wrong size or the cut doesn’t suit, none of that will matter. We’ve made it our mission to create the perfect fit for everyone, including big and tall sizes.